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For many people, seafood is a kind of special event. You might snack on something like salmon when you’re visiting the beach or spending a lazy afternoon in your favorite sushi restaurant.

However, would you believe it’s worth it to make salmon part of your everyday diet? That’s because regular salmon consumption has some special benefits for your entire body.

Wondering what eating salmon every day can do for you? Keep reading to learn the answer!

Salmon can help prevent dry eyes

What could a salmon dinner every night do for your body? To start with, you’ll start to “see” an improvement with your eyes and vision.

Those Omega-3 fatty acids in salmon actually improve the oil layer of your eyes. That means your eyes are less likely to feel dry and irritated. Those same acids also boost your visual development, which helps you maintain retinal health over the years.

Long story short? Salmon every day may have you “looking” better (quite literally) every day.

Salmon provides an energy boost

They say our bodies are machines, but they are machines that have a lot of energy issues. Factors like family stress and work commitments can sap your energy regardless of how much sleep you are getting.

This is where a regular salmon nutrition may come in handy. Why? Because salmon is filled with B12, to the point that even half a filet provides you with 80% of your daily recommended B12 amount. Salmon also contains other B vitamins that provide you with energy

While B vitamins give you the energy to get up and moving, the protein in salmon can help you build new cells and recover from injuries that much quicker. That can help you get back to healthy activities like a daily jog after dinner.