3 Tips Every Aspiring Programming Entrepreneur Needs To Know


Programming is one of the most profitable skills to hit the market for those looking to make the big bucks. Knowledge of top programming languages such as Scala or Java can bring in on average salaries ranging over $100,000 per year – and that can be right out of college.

However, there are many people striking gold by creating their own businesses using their programming skills. Newly launched startups are growing in size and many are able to raise billions of dollars in capital every year.

Even if you don’t start a billion-dollar startup, you can still make it as an entrepreneur if you have programming skills. Here are three tips every aspiring programming entrepreneur needs to know.

Pick a Programming Language That’s Easy to Learn and Capitalize On

When you’re first starting off as an aspiring programming entrepreneur, you need to do your research to figure out which programming language is easy to pick up.

Ruby on Rails is a programming language that allows users to quickly build applications that are also easily scalable. This programming language is fairly new, only created in 2004, and commands quite a pretty penny on the job market.

Ruby on Rails is an open source software with many huge startups using it as a foundation for their businesses. Some of these big tech companies using it include Airbnb, GitHub and Shopify.

A few more valuable and easy-to-use programming languages to learn would be JavaScript, HTML and CSS, which are the building blocks of nearly all websites on the web today.

If you learn these skills you could easily start your own web development firm or mobile application.

Practice, Practice, Practice!

Once you have a basis of knowledge about one programming language, put yourself out there and get some work under your belt. You can either pick up clients, contribute to open source projects on GitHub (a great place for any developer to showcase their work) or build your own portfolio site.

Getting this real-world experience will allow you to get better, hone your skills, and also build some credibility as a programmer which will be important whether you’re trying to raise funding for a startup business or if you’re trying to impress potential clients.

Find the Right Co-Founder

This tip has nothing to do with your programming skills but might be one of the most important things you could do. Working with a team that can help you validate and implement ideas is one of the best ways to ensure success in your business.

When looking for a co-founder, make sure that your personalities mesh well together and you both have excellent communication skills.

You also want to make sure your backgrounds complement each other and that you’re each bringing skill sets to the table that will help your business grow.

For many people, learning how to program has changed their lives and allowed them to start businesses they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to do.

Take the chance today to pick up a programming language and start your own journey into entrepreneurship.

The sooner you start, the better. And who knows? Maybe one day your name will be listed alongside The Most Famous Programmers Of All Time.