5 Lies About Homeschooling Everybody Believes


5 Lies About Homeschooling

There are so many misconceptions about parents and children of the homeschooling route. Let’s face it, every year we hear of school budgets shrinking, sometimes so much that entire schools are shutting down. For some parents, sending their child to school five days a week is more of a baby-sitting program that your taxes paid for while others are holding their breath that their child gains life experiences and gets a full education crammed into seven hours a day. Fully equipped private schools take some of the fear away for parents, but if expenses need to be considered, it can be tricky finding the best schooling program for your child if public schools in your area are not good. Check out these 5 common myths about homeschooled children and find out why so many parents are turning to this time-proven educational experience for their kids. It may even become a consideration for your growing family.5 Lies About Homeschooling

Their Parents Must Be Hippies Or Religious

While homeschooling originated from these types of crowds, homeschooling is now seen as a powerful educational system that in most cases surpasses those of public schools. Sure there are some religious or hippy parents keeping their kids from the influence of the masses but let’s get to the truth: Many teachers are underpaid and a lot of schools are underfunded. If a parent can take on the role of a full-time teacher for their child, they will absolutely give more attention and detail to their tiny home classroom than a teacher who has to buy student supplies with her own money.5 Lies About Homeschooling

Homeschooled Kids Are Antisocial And Don’t Have Fun With Other Children

Unless you live in an isolated area with no other children, you most likely have plenty of activities and areas to bring your child to so they can interact with other children. The playground can be a good place to start where homeschool parents can meet other parents and set playdates for their children. If there are children in the area, you can bet that there are probably several different sports leagues as well. Having them join programs like Martial Arts, paint classes and science fairs can be a quick and easy way to meet dozens of new friends every month, too. With the introduction of Facebook and other social networks in our lives, you will find thousands of other parents and support groups for exactly this topic!5 Lies About Homeschooling

Children That Are Homeschooled Will Not Be Able To Function In The “Real World”

Actually, many studies have shown the exact opposite of this. Most homeschooled children are not spending their weekdays sitting in a room with their head buried in a book or listening to a lecture. Instead, many parents are opting to provide them with an interactive, hybrid style of learning. This can involve bringing the child on day-to-day activities like shopping, banking, phone calls to companies, and visiting people in all different fields. By giving a child a supervised but exposed dose of reality early on, you are preparing them to enter into “adulthood” without breaking a sweat.5 Lies About Homeschooling

But Will They Ever Get Into College?

Statistically speaking, homeschoolers are 28% more likely to attend college than those of traditional school systems. Even the top Ivy League schools are always on the lookout for applicants that have been homeschooled due to their unique set of skills and self-motivation from their path of schooling. On average, traditional school kids have nothing on homeschooled kids in regards to things like standardized tests, SAT’s and ACT’s with a clear gap favoring the homeschooled kids as far as grades go.5 Lies About Homeschooling

There Is No Way The Parent Could Do A Better Job Than A Real Teacher!

The fact is, being homeschooled is not something our public school systems are against. Because this is true, there are complete curriculums that schools can provide the parents for any level of learning. These curriculums are the same exact ones that “real teachers” have to follow and so could you! Do you remember that time your gym teacher was your substitute for a week for science while your teacher was sick? That’s because anyone that has an interest in teaching can follow these well-formulated curriculums at the speed they wish to teach. Since the parent has more one-on-one time with their child, they could actually cover in a few hours what a normal classroom would cover in a week.