5 Ways To Like Your Job More

Whether you are just starting out and doing whatever it takes to get ahead, or you’ve walked into the same building that pays your dream salary for a decade, sometimes work sucks the life out of you. Not surprisingly, people get in a rut thinking the grass is greener somewhere else. Early on people eagerly wish for the type of success and fame they see their role models enjoying. Whereas later on in life, people become entitled and bitter because they haven’t “made” it yet. But other pastures aren’t always greener. You have to be OK with where you’re at in your career and pay less attention to where others are at. That alone will make Monday mornings more bearable.

Patience and hard work also go a long way toward reaching professional goals. But even when we’re looking and acting our very best, work can get us down. Whether it’s a bad boss, lack of infrastructure, low pay, or simply not where we want to be, our 9 to 5 grind can take its toll. And like in life, a healthy attitude is required to make it to TGIF. Here are 5 tips for making the work week more tolerable when you just can’t fake it anymore. Breathe, grab another cup of Joe and read on.