6 Warning Signs That You Should Start Job Hunting ASAP


I know, job hunting sucks. But, if you’re experiencing these instances at work, then you and your job are not a good fit for each other (at best), and one or the other of you is going to implode (at the worst). If these things are happening to you, start looking so you’ll be prepared for the worst case scenario.

Here are the warning signs to watch out for:

1. The environment has become toxic

A negative work environment is a big red flag. If your co-workers are constantly complaining, and your boss isn’t happy either, even if you love the work you do, their attitude will bring yours down with them. Not only that, but dysfunction at all levels is also a sign a company may be having problems. Best to start looking rather than trying to stick it out, in either case.

2. Your physical and mental health are taking a toll

Do you dread going to work? Do you cringe when Sunday night rolls around and you know you have to go back there in the morning? Are you finding reasons to procrastinate rather than engaging and enjoying your work? Are you taking more sick days than usual for you, and do you have trouble sleeping/eating/coping when you come home from work? No job is worth that kind of stress.

3. Your home life suffers

Are you spending your precious few home hours after work and on the weekends ranting about your job, coworkers, bosses, the system, etc.? Do you ever come home and say to your family, “I had a great day today. How was yours?” or do you not want to know how great their day was because yours was so lousy? If you’ve started to bring the toxicity home with you, you do not want that to take hold.

4. You feel stuck

Are you at the top of your particular pyramid and unable to advance from there in your current position? Are you overqualified for your current job but unable to move up? The company should not be the only thing growing from your work.

5. You’re getting headhunted

Are other companies interested in you to the point of reaching out to you instead of the other way around? This could mean two things – either they know your current company undervalues you (because news travels fast in the business grapevine) or they know the company’s in trouble, in which case they want to bring you onboard to both get great talent and hasten the competition’s demise. Don’t be afraid to talk to other companies about what they would offer, and since it’s them wanting you first, you can dictate terms and conditions in your favor.

6. You’re reading this article

People who are happy with their jobs don’t read articles about how to be happy at their jobs. If there’s a reason you’re interested in this, think about it some more and try to figure out why. Do you think you’re going nowhere? Worse, do you think your company is going nowhere? Then maybe it’s time to stop settling for the status quo and take the reins for your own future.

The days of working for a single company all your life and retiring with a  gold watch are over. And very few career paths are built straight. If you have certain skill sets, particularly in sales or marketing, you can take them anywhere since selling a gadget is not fundamentally different from selling a gizmo. And if you’re already bored with what you’re dealing with day to day, making a shift will definitely get your learning enthusiasm going.