7 Ideal Jobs For Extroverts


If you’re an extrovert, you’ll know it, and so will everyone around you. Unlike introverts, who recharge their batteries in solitude, extroverts feed off other peoples’ energy. So, it’s likely that you’ll give a thumbs-down to just any old boring job. The more excitement and the more people around you, the better. Here are seven ideal jobs for extroverts.

1. Sales Executive

As a sales executive, you’ll thrive on the personal interactions with your clients as well as the chance to shine every day. Most sales people compete with their peers, so the competition acts as even more incentive to get out there and earn that number one spot for the day, week, month or year! Generally, no degrees are needed.

2. Makeup Artist

And you thought people just poured their hearts out to their hairdressers. Not so! As a makeup artist (either on your own or for a studio or store), you’re taking a blank slate and making it beautiful. This job fulfills the extrovert’s need for human interaction along with the need to have a variety of interesting people in his/her life at all times. It’s beauty, psychology and sales all rolled into one. No degree is required, but you will need to pass a basic course in cosmetology.

3. Wedding Planner

Do you love weddings? Do you find yourself silently judging a bride’s choices on her big day? If so, being a wedding planner is perfect! Every bride is different and every wedding is different. You’ll get to be part of the big day and all it entails, such as venue selection, transportation, the dress, wedding cake testing (bring on the champagne!), invitations and more. Cheers!

4. Public Relations Specialist

Whether you represent an A-List celebrity or a company, this is an amazing job where you can schmooze at parties, networking events and trade shows. While this job usually requires a bachelor’s degree in communications, English or journalism, it’s worth it because of all the people you get to meet and and swag you get to keep.

5. Lawyer

What better way to thrive in public than be an attorney? Whether you’re in the courtroom or battling it out behind the scenes with co-workers, judges and plaintiffs, the stage is all yours. But keep in mind, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree, a law degree and you’ll need to pass the bar exam. Not all lawyers will end up in the courtroom, either, so think about that before you commit to this field. Extroverts don’t generally do well if they’re confined to paralegal research in a basement.

6. Actor

Speaking of the stage, being an actor is an ideal job for an extrovert! You need to be comfortable in front of a film crew, TV crew and any audience you’re performing for. If it’s a live audience, you’ll get immediate feedback (good and bad, so be prepared) and at the very least, kudos from your directors. Some actors have degrees, others have natural talent, but you can be assured of this: it’s a tough profession. But look at it this way: if you don’t make it as an actor, you can be a waiter! It’s another perfect job for extroverts!

7. Teacher

If you like public speaking but don’t want to have to memorize all those lines like an actor, teaching may be the job for you! Imagine standing in front of a group of children or college students everyday delivering lessons. As a teacher, you’ll get to work with a wide variety of personalities and work closely with people in groups and one-on-one. You’ll never get bored because the students will change every year. Plus, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you truly made a difference in people’s lives.

Whatever you choose to do, let others see your sparkling personality, even if you’re currently stuck at a desk job. Sometimes it’s not a good time for a change, but that doesn’t mean you can’t let your personality shine.