Best Nursing Schools By U.S. Region


Nursing is a multifaceted field of study and there are specialties and graduate programs that will increase your value to your future employer and expand your employment options. Nursing consistently has one of the lowest unemployment rates of any professional field. And there’s no city in the world where quality nursing doesn’t have a premium value.

Wherever you live in the United States, there is a top-rated nursing program not too far from you. These schools are highly rated due to the quality of their requirements to get in, the quality of their education and the successes of their graduates. Here are the best nursing schools in the U.S., grouped according to geographical region.


Columbia University: New York, NY

This Ivy League school in Manhattan is the oldest institution of learning in New York state.

Johns Hopkins University: Baltimore, MD

As a private, not-for-profit research university, Johns Hopkins is frequently listed in the Top 3 nursing schools along with the best public health nursing programs.

University of Pennsylvania: Philadelphia, PA

Training nurses since 1886, the Ivy League University of Pennsylvania offers an interdisciplinary approach to nursing alongside a liberal arts education.

Duke University School of Nursing


Duke University School of Nursing: Durham, NC

As part of world-renowned Duke University, the nursing program maintains the standard of education set when the school opened in 1931.

Emory University: Atlanta, GA

One of the South’s oldest and most prestigious universities, Emory offers a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree and two doctoral tracks for nursing.

Vanderbilt University: Nashville, TN

Located in the heart of Nashville, Vanderbilt University School of Nursing has long been a pioneer for nursing education, progressive, cutting-edge research and breakthrough technologies.

Washington University School of Medicine


Washington University: St. Louis, MO

Offering multiple nursing degrees, along with being a private research university, Washington University offers graduate-level online nursing courses.

Ohio State University: Columbus, OH

Founded in 1914, Ohio State’s Nursing School has attracted some of the best educators in the field and offers undergraduate and master’s programs.

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Known for excellence nationally, University of Wisconsin-Madison’s School of Nursing offers various degree programs from bachelor’s to doctorate.

University of California, Los Angeles


University of California, Los Angeles

Frequently named the home of the best hospital west of the Mississippi river, UCLA has nearly 600 graduate and undergraduate students every year enroll in its prestigious nursing programs.

University of Texas, Austin

A leading full curriculum nursing school since 1960, this nursing school is known for its innovative research on disease prevention and wellness, and offers a full schedule of advanced degree education in nursing.

University of  Colorado, Denver

Founded 120 years ago, University of Colorado offered the first nurse practitioner program in the country and has always been top-rated.

Oregon Health and Science University


Oregon Health and Science University: Portland, OR

OHSU offers nursing programs with in-residence and distance learning.
The school has very competitive degree programs including bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral.

University of Washington: Seattle, WA

A top-rated public nursing school, University of Washington offers bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees, and is known for its innovation in simulation education.

The nursing profession is continually expanding and opportunities will always be available for nurses at all levels. Go to the best school you can, but know that the key to your success will be your drive to be the best. Now go make a difference in your life and the lives of countless others.