Top U.S. Computer Engineering Programs By Region


Careers in computer technology have been on the rise for decades, and this trend is expected to continue far into the future. Anyone getting this training who keeps up with new technology will likely have job opportunities for life. Here’s your chance to work with disruptive technologies that change the world and bring rewards beyond your dreams.

The top schools in the computer engineering field all have a focus on leading-edge technologies, including:

Deep Learning (DL)
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Digital currencies
Assisted Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)
Smart Cities
Cybersecurity (including Blockchain)
Autonomous transportation
Data Science
IoT Computing
Ethics, security, liability and privacy policies

Here are the best computer engineering schools in the U.S., grouped by geographical region.



California Institute of Technology (Caltech): Pasadena, CA

With faculty and students from diverse parts of the world, Caltech’s information science departments gave birth to VLSI, DNA computing, synthetic biology, quantum computing, neural networks, algorithmic game theory and more.

Brigham Young University: Provo, UT

Utah is one of the fastest growing computer technology regions in the country. Open to the most in-demand students, the BYU information technology department prepares students with a challenging cutting-edge curriculum.

Stanford University: Stanford, CA

Founded in 1965, Stanford’s Computer Science Department has been a source of scientific discovery and a force of innovation that’s changed our world.


Purdue University: West Lafayette, IN

Whether you’re fighting crime or maintaining a city’s computer infrastructure, a degree from Purdue could propel you into the worlds of Bioinformatics, Big Data, Cyber Security, High Performance Computing, Systems Analysis and Design and much more.

University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

Consistently rated a top computer engineering school, the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor offers competitive programs in computer engineering and faculty research involving optics, AI, hardware and software systems, signal process, sensors and integrated circuitry.

University of Wisconsin-Madison

With a focus on research for information technology, nanotechnology, health and security, the computer engineering department’s goal is to expand knowledge through research into new technologies, analysis techniques and design methods.


Carnegie Mellon University: Pittsburgh, PA

Offering master’s and doctoral degrees in software engineering, Carnegie Mellon also allows undergraduates to minor in this valuable specialty regardless of their major.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT): Cambridge, MA

As a private research university, MIT enjoys a world-class faculty teaching its Electrical Engineering Computer Science programs. With subjects ranging from mathematical computer theory, AI, robotics and circuit design, MIT graduates with bachelor’s degrees are among the highest paid entering the workforce in the country.

Cornell University: Ithaca, NY

With a computer engineering school frequently cited as one of the top two in the nation, Cornell is known for educating and training the nation’s next generation of engineers in leading-edge technology.

Princeton University: Princeton, NJ

Whether you want to specialize in operating systems, computer networks, robotics, artificial intelligence or research, Princeton’s computer engineering school has graduates hired right out of school into good paying careers. Princeton also sees computer engineering as excellent preparation for medical, business and law school.

A strong base in any computer engineering specialty will secure your position in the industry. A combination of two or more could propel you to the top. And there’s no telling what new technological advances are to come. Just go to the best school you can, work harder than ever and make your space in the fascinating world of computer engineering.