15 Unique Ways To Use Technology In The Classroom

Kids love technology. Most of them would rather be grounded for a week than be cut off from their smartphones and tablets for a day. Savvy teachers can harness this love of technology to enhance the learning process and make the school day more enjoyable for students – and themselves. Here are some unique ways to use technology in the classroom.

1) Use Polling Applications To Get Student Feedback

With the use of great applications like PollDaddy and PollEverywhere, you can create customized polls. You can use these polls to find out if one or more students is struggling with a topic so you can give them extra help or adjust your lesson plans.  They can even answer the polls on their smart phones! This is a great way to allow a student to let you know he or she is having some trouble without having to raise a hand and ask questions out loud. If you like the idea of using smartphones in the classroom, you can even use a more sophisticated app like Socrative to create quizzes that your students can take on their smartphones.

2) Bring In Virtual Guest Speakers

Using conferencing apps like Skype and Facetime, you can bring in guests from all over the world to present to your students. Nothing will create excitement in the classroom like an expert from another part of the country – or the world – as a virtual guest in their classroom.

3) Group Projects Made Easy

Harness the power of Google Drive to facilitate work on group projects.  Students can share and edit documents for group projects without the hassle of having to work out the logistics of getting everyone together outside of school hours.