5 Lies About Homeschooling Everybody Believes

5 Lies About Homeschooling

There are so many misconceptions about parents and children of the homeschooling route. Let’s face it, every year we hear of school budgets shrinking, sometimes so much that entire schools are shutting down. For some parents, sending their child to school five days a week is more of a baby-sitting program that your taxes paid for while others are holding their breath that their child gains life experiences and gets a full education crammed into seven hours a day. Fully equipped private schools take some of the fear away for parents, but if expenses need to be considered, it can be tricky finding the best schooling program for your child if public schools in your area are not good. Check out these 5 common myths about homeschooled children and find out why so many parents are turning to this time-proven educational experience for their kids. It may even become a consideration for your growing family.