6 Qualities of a Good Teacher

Do you remember your favorite teacher? Maybe you don’t remember a word they said or any of the material you learned in class, but you may remember how positive or funny they were, or how they lifted your spirits when things at home maybe weren’t going so well. Perhaps that special instructor motivated you to do better or pursue the career you have today. No teacher is the same, but there are qualities many effective teachers have. And here are 6 qualities of teachers who are most effective in the classroom and in the hearts of students who will never forget them.

Be Creative
No one wants to be the teacher with a boring curriculum. While every student has different learning styles and preferences, you can always implement new and fun activities into any topic to make it more interesting and engaging.

Be Clear
Always let your students know exactly what they’ll be learning on a daily basis and what you expect from them. Be open to answering questions or clarifying as needed, because without clarity, they will either learn something incorrectly or not at all. And if instructions are not clear, it’s easier for students to drift off and pay attention to other things more appealing.