Do The Arts Exist Anymore In US Elementary Education?

In recent years, the US educational system has seen a dramatic shift towards the logical, and an adverse and sudden dismissal of the creative and emotional. With budget cuts plaguing a great deal of primary level elementary institutions throughout the country, the first programs to be stricken from school curriculum’s was that of the arts, as they were seen as secondary and insignificant in respect to courses like math and literature.

However, as the arts have diminished in elementary level education, it has become clear that this absence has had detrimental impacts on the development of knowledge of children, as the overly logical components of quant-based curriculums have made it impossible to express one’s creativity and emotions. Yet, regardless of this reality, little has been done in re-implementing creative programs in education, despite the apparent need to do so. The arts impact far more than simply the left-side of one’s brain, it contributes immensely to the well-roundedness and potentials that each person has within them.