Private versus Public: Which type of education is best for you?

Private versus Public

Whether you’re looking at going to a public school or a private school or you have school-age kids, it’s important to do your homework before pursuing an educational path that could benefit—or curse you—for the rest of your life. According to the Council for American Private Education, more than 33,000 schools (K-12) in the United States are private and account for 25% of all the schools in the nation. The widespread assumption about preliminary and high school education is that public schools are mediocre, underfunded and for the kids who can’t afford to go to private schools. These students will have to “suffer” the perceived average or below-average teaching that city funding will allow. Private schools, on the other hand, are automatically recognized as gentrified, higher-level institutions where wealthy students are shuttled through their courses and guaranteed spots at Ivy League schools with CEO jobs awaiting them upon graduation.

Screeechhh. Hold on. I’m here to tell you what’s real.