Should Your Teen Take A Gap Year?

Gap years were once a popular alternative for high school graduates. A time of life to evaluate one’s options and career paths, travel, explore different ideas or perhaps volunteer somewhere, the gap year was considered an important part of one’s growth and education.

As life has grown more intense and competitive, the idea of “wasting” a year to wander has been tossed aside in lieu of the preferred American ideal of going straight from high school to college and then to work. While a gap year might not make sense for everyone, it can certainly be a benefit and there are some good reasons to consider letting your teen take one. Here are four reasons your teen should take a gap year.

1. Choosing A Career Path

While it’s common for young adults to be unsure about what they want to do with their lives, most have at least an inkling of the direction they’d like to go. But if they really have no idea, taking a year off before committing to a degree program could be a good idea. College is expensive and while teens often figure out their path while pursuing their degree, sometimes taking a year off to work or explore different avenues will help them solidify their long-term goals.