Top Educational Apps For Kids

With kids attached to their smartphones and laptops before they’re old enough to wear regular underwear, it’s a confusing maze for parents to navigate through selecting the best apps for their budding scientists, artists, musicians or engineers. In no particular order, here are some apps that cover most of the bases.

1. Bloom

Bloom marries musical instrument, verbal composition and visual artwork. Kids and adults can create melodies and intricate visual patterns by just tapping the screen. According to creative icon artist and composer Brian Eno, “Bloom is an endless music machine, a music box for the 21st century. You can play it, and you can watch it play itself.”

2. Journeys of Invention

Journeys of Invention is where kids can view and “play” with items from history and technology. Interact with objects from London’s Science Museum and learn about their history while viewing them up close. Budding scientists can explore the Large Hadron Collider and the next Sherlock Holmes can try to encode his own secret message with the Enigma Machine from World War II.