6 Benefits Of Going Organic

When people read or hear the word “organic,” they might picture a blissful woman in a boho dress and sandals picking out a $7 mango from a co-op farm stand. Another assumption that most people have is that organic means expensive. Isn’t it just easier and cheaper to grab a burger and fries at the drive-thru? It may be easier, but in the long run, the cheap part could turn expensive if your health suffers because of the effects of an unhealthy diet filled with processed foods.

So what exactly constitutes organic products? Ingredients that are organically farmed without pesticides and chemicals, and meat, poultry, fish and foul that have been raised without hormones or other drugs that stimulate their growth cycles and size. If you find produce or food that’s sporting a USDA Organic seal, that means that the product consists of at least 95% organic ingredients.

Here are six reasons to opt for the farmer’s stand versus the hotdog one.