8 Hair Dryer Hacks That Will Blow Your Mind

A good blowout is every woman’s BFF when it’s time to tame the mane, but did you know that a blow dryer has tons of easy, useful tricks for everyone in the family? It doesn’t even have to be a high-end or professional-grade hair dryer.

Whether you’re traveling and need to smooth out your business attire last minute or want to remove that ugly car dealer sticker from your bumper, these hair dryer hacks will make your life a lot easier. The added bonus is that they cost nothing!

1. Smooth wrinkled fabrics

Spray clothes, cloth drapes or shower curtains with water to dampen the material and then blast the material with high heat until the fabric is smooth. If you’re super rushed, you can skip the water, but that extra step makes the ironing process go a lot quicker.

2. Remove stickers and labels

To get rid of labels on jars or candles, or to remove bumper stickers, simply apply high heat to the sticker until the adhesive starts to melt. Once the tacky material is heated up enough, gently scrape the surface until clean. Use a damp cloth to remove extra debris.