8 Ways To Deal With Holiday Stress

The holidays roll around every year and yet for some reason we’re never prepared for the stress and anxiety they bring us. A perfect storm of physical, mental, and emotional triggers hits all at once. Here are eight ways you can keep from getting overwhelmed by the holidays.

Make a plan to deal with it

You know it’s coming, so why not be prepared for it? Self-care is important, but it’s also vital at this time (when caring for yourself tends to be shoved aside in favor of doing things for others). Think of it as that oxygen mask on the airplane: you have to fit your own on first so you can help someone else with theirs, right? So, set up coping strategies you can use when needed, like taking a walk in the park or curling up with a book—but also schedule self-care routines just like you would schedule any other appointment: write them on the calendar, look forward to them, and most importantly, keep them.

Don’t forget to sleep

Sleep loss and depression are linked. So try not to cut back on sleep even though you’ll be tempted to stay up to get all your preparations done. The best way to do this is to keep your regular sleep schedule like normal and make sure you leave the television and electronic devices out of the bedroom. Sleep is the one thing you cannot skimp on; it’s your brain’s fuel.