5 Vegetables Perfect For Container Gardens

While the idea of growing your own food sounds amazing, not everyone has the land or space to make this happen, not to mention the time it takes to cultivate and grow a garden. Luckily, there are several vegetables that do very well in small container gardens or even a standard flower pot. Easy to grow and even easier to harvest, you’ll love being able to grab some fresh veggies for your meals, no matter where you live.


 Lettuce has long been a popular vegetable for container gardens because it grows quickly, can be harvested all summer and provides easy access for salads on a daily basis. There are several varieties of lettuce that grow well in either small box containers or 6-12 inch pots. Use a professional soil mix and plant seeds directly into the container of your choosing. You can plant in early spring as long as you bring the pot inside on those days when it’s still frosty, and be sure to get seeds that are marked as being “cut and come again,” which means they will continue growing as you harvest leaves over the growing season.