9 Garage Sale Finds That Turned Out To Be Worth A Fortune

Anyone who’s ever watched “Antiques Road Show” has seen at least one ordinary-looking item uncovered during a yard sale become the season’s most valuable find. Does this happen as often as television would have us think? No… but it happens often enough, like with these finds.

A (literally) super bowl

In 2007, a New York garage sale buyer came home with a small white bowl that was priced at $3. At 5 ½” in height, it didn’t look very fancy but it seemed like a nice acquisition. To the buyer’s surprise, six years after its purchase, someone had the idea of having it appraised, and to their shock they discovered that the white bowl was from China, and over a thousand years old. It was auctioned off in 2013 by Sotheby’s and netted a record-breaking $2.2 million.

The frame was nice, too

In 1989, a Pennsylvania man found an old painting at a flea market, and while he didn’t care for the painting, he really liked the frame so he bought it for $4. But when he took the painting out of the frame he discovered what looked like one of those souvenir copies of the Declaration of Independence… only it wasn’t a souvenir. It was one of only a couple dozen original printed copies, extremely rare and sought after, and he sold it for $2.4 million.