How To Decorate A Tiny House


With the cost of property growing, the reinvention of the American dream, and big city populations not getting any less dense, more people are shifting toward small flats or tiny homes. If the tiny house movement, or the idea of micro-apartment living, cases claustrophobia or leaves a bad impression on you, it may be time to reconsider your associations, because living in a shoebox is not a choice born out of necessity any longer.

This new trend has been popular in Europe for decades. Entire companies there are making huge profits from offering “smart housing” opportunities. Extremely tiny apartments come equipped with everything one might possibly need, and often designed with the possibility to transform pretty much every item of furniture into a different item of furniture. We are not just talking about unfolding sofas here, we are talking tables sliding into a wall, walls being flipped around to reveal secret rooms – a flat so hi-tech you expect it to grow wings and take off into space at any moment!

Even if your smart apartment is not quite that smart, there are still plenty of options and tricks to increase that valuable living space and optimize your purposes until you can proudly say that it is indeed bigger on the inside.