5 Fitness Apps To Keep You Motivated


The New Year’s resolutions have been made, gym memberships purchased and running shoes dusted off. But now’s the time when we start to lag in those resolutions, as the gung-ho efforts of January fade and we struggle to maintain our new lifestyle.

Luckily, there are some great apps available that can help you make health and fitness a priority. From tracking your workouts to providing new and different fitness plans, along with food logging, weight loss charting and fun motivation to keep you going, these are some of the top apps to download.

1. Aaptiv

If you’re looking for the motivation of a group workout without the expense of a studio membership, Aaptiv combines audio workouts with real trainers and a wide variety of different exercise options, all accompanied by upbeat music. Programs include both outdoor and treadmill running, yoga, elliptical machine, indoor cycling and strength training.

New workouts are added regularly so you’ll always have plenty of choices to keep things fresh, and the price can’t be beat. A full year’s membership paid in advance averages $8.33 a month, or you can sign up for a monthly membership for $14.99 a month.

2. Runkeeper

You don’t have to be a runner to benefit from the Runkeeper app. With settings for walking, hiking or any other activity that gets you moving, you’ll be able to see your progress on a daily basis.

Set a specific goal, run a virtual race or compare your stats with friends, all while continuing to challenge yourself. The app also offers options for goal coaching, workout comparisons and audio cues. The basic app is free, with in-app upgrades starting at $9.99.

3. MyFitnessPal

Research indicates that people who keep a food diary are much more likely to lose weight. Having those calorie counts staring you in the face can really make you think about whether or not you need that second cookie, and with more than five million foods available in the MyFitnessPal database (including restaurant menus) it’s easy to log just about any food you eat.

Best of all, the basic app is free! In addition to counting calories, you can log workouts, chart weight loss and connect with friends. For $9.99 a month, you can upgrade to the premium program, which is ad-free and offers meal plans, recipes and nutrition tips.

4. Pocket Yoga

With minimal equipment required, yoga can truly be done almost anywhere. The Pocket Yoga app makes it even easier, with a variety of practices to choose from. You can enjoy the benefit of a full yoga class, with an instructor guiding you, or explore their pose dictionary to see what you might like to try.

With more than 27 different class options, it addresses all fitness levels, from the most basic beginner to the experienced yogi. The app can connect through your television or tablet as well as your phone, and doesn’t require network connectivity to work. Initial purchase is $2.99 with various in-app upgrades available.

5. Zombies, Run!

If you’ve ever wondered what your odds would be in surviving a zombie apocalypse, now’s your chance to find out. The Zombies, Run! app is a great way to add a fun to your fitness and challenge yourself to run just a little faster.

Each running route has an accompanying audio story that puts you right in the center of a zombie attack, and you’ll have the chance to save the world as well as yourself. In addition to a choice of stories to participate in, you can collect supplies and survivors, track your stats and customize your own music playlist as the backbeat. The basic app is free, or you can upgrade to the pro version, which offers more than 200 different stories and scenarios for $24.99 per year.