5 Ways To Score Free Movie Tickets


For movie fans, nothing beats the communal experience of watching movies on the big screen, surrounded by an enthusiastic audience. Yet, with the average cost of movie tickets in North America rising every year, it’s becoming more and more difficult to afford a night out at the movies.

But there is good news for devoted movie fans. All across America, movie theaters are hosting free screenings of upcoming movies. Whether a film is shown a few days early so you’ll spread the word on social media, or months in advance to obtain your valuable feedback, these screenings allow you to see movies on the big screen, the way they were meant to be seen.

Here are five ways to score free tickets to advance movie screenings.

1. Gofobo

One of the most popular sites for free movie screenings, Gofobo.com lets you search for screenings in your area based on your zip code. Even better, you can receive email alerts when nearby screenings are announced by signing up for their newsletter (it’s free). Receiving email alerts increases your chances of obtaining screening passes because only a limited number are available. Even if you get a pass, remember to show up early: screenings are overbooked to ensure full attendance.

2. 1iota

If you’re dying to see movies months in advance of release, check out 1iota.com. 1iota is an “audience casting” website that connects fans with free tickets to TV shows like “The Voice” and “Good Morning America,” but also offers the occasional movie preview. These movies usually aren’t released for several months, so your feedback might even affect a movie’s final cut! However, 1iota events are typically held in New York and Los Angeles, so if you live outside these areas you’ll want to search more local sites.

3. Radio Stations

Don’t worry if you’re not in N.Y. or L.A. Plenty of markets across the country host movie screenings, and chances are your local radio station is responsible for some of them. Radio stations often give away free movie tickets, even if you haven’t heard a contest announcement on air. Just check out your local station’s website and keep your eyes on the “Contests” page for movie screenings. Signing up for the station’s newsletter is an easy way to get alerted when a new giveaway arrives.

4. Movie Studio Websites

It’s always a good idea to go straight to the source. Several movie studios have sites where you can sign up for notifications of free screenings in your area, including WB, Sony, Lionsgate, Fox Searchlight, and more. You’ll have to click on notifications quickly, though — these screenings fill up fast!

5. AdvanceScreenings.com

It’s all in the name, isn’t it? AdvanceScreenings.com is the site every serious screening seeker needs in their arsenal. Like some of the sites above, AdvanceScreenings lets you search for movie screenings by zip code and sign up for email notifications. However, its database is more extensive and all-encompassing than other sites, listing movie ticket giveaways from around the web and links to screening pass codes that can be redeemed on Gofobo. Perhaps best of all, anyone can share screening information to help other film fans find free tickets. It’s that same love of community that keeps us going back to the movies … and even makes us willing to silence our cell phones.