Apple iPhone X Explained


So, what’s all the excitement about the iPhone X?

The price.

That’s what the people who don’t want you to buy an iPhone X want you to think about instead of what the new iPhone X can do. Apple stands behind their quality, and their quality supports their pricing.

An advertising salesman I met once had this printed on the back of his business card: “We have no quarrel with the lower prices of our competitors. For who better than they know the value of their product.”

This, for me, is the position of Apple. So the iPhone X broke the four-digit price for smartphones.

$999 for the 64 GB

$1,149 for the 256 GB

Big deal! Yeah, I know that’s a bigger bite for a smartphone than we’ve seen before, but it’s the apex product. iPhone X is Apple’s top of the line. I’m not a rich guy, and it’s a big bite for me, too, but the technology in this phone should outweigh the price for those rich enough in talent to use it.

It’s not like this is being made for the 1% who can buy things you and I can’t. For just $200 more, you can buy the same quality phone as the guy with a billion dollars. Sure, he can put gold and diamonds on it, but he still has the same capabilities you have. And he’s probably not going to use most it much beyond calling, texting, and entertainment. He bought it to have. You’re buying it to use.

Here’s What You Need To Know About The iPhone X

Like most Apple products, there’s the cool factor built into the physical design and the functionality of their products. The iPhone X won’t disappoint in any of these areas.

  • iPhone X has a new look with a full screen without the home button. But you can still go home easily by just swiping up from the bottom.
  • iPhone X has the new Super Retina display that’s 5.8 inches on the diagonal. It matches the top quality on the smartphone market of 2436 x 1125 resolution, which means it has more than 2.7 million pixels or 458 pixels per inch.
  • iPhone X has glass on both sides making it possible to use wireless charging by simply placing it on a charging mat.
  • Face ID is the biggest leap in technology the iPhone takes. As part of its security system, Face ID will recognize your face and turn itself on just by you looking at it. When you set up your Face ID, it will project and read 30,000 invisible infrared dots to mathematically model your face. It will learn and recognize your face if you switch up your look with glasses, haircuts, beards, etc. As you change, it changes. Face ID security also works along with Apple Pay and companies like E-Trade so your purchases can be hassle free without any security risk. More and more companies are racing to embrace this security technology for their transactions.

  • The new camera and lighting technology in the iPhone X is setting a new standard, too. Portrait mode allows you to change the lighting for the mood you want and includes better low-light zoom, Quad-LED True Tone flash for 2x better uniformity of light, zero shutter lag, and dual optical image stabilization (OIS) to compensate for hand movement in your photos and videos.
  • iPhone X’s Augmented Reality (AR) dramatically improves video quality for gameplay and viewing; it has 4K video along with Dolby Vision and HDR10 formats.
  • To add to the fun, there are Animojis you can use to send video messages to your friends as your favorite animal. Instagram and many other social media companies are already creating great new ways to use iPhone X’s capabilities to keep people of all ages entertained.
  • The iPhone X even has fast charging capabilities along with a battery life that is two hours longer than an iPhone 7. That’s amazing! I have an iPhone 7 and recently recorded over 3 hours of video at a concert using less than half my battery … and this has two hours’ more? Wow!
  • To top it all off, the iPhone X is environmentally friendly with:

Arsenic-free display glass
Mercury-free display
Plus, it’s free of BFR, PVC, and Beryllium.
It uses a low-carbon process and it’s highly recyclable.*

*The above information is from the Apple Launch Event Presentation 2017

So get past the price kerfuffle and give iPhone X a real look. It’s amazing what you can get with this modern smartphone. This invention is not only a cool new gadget, but also a sound investment for organizing your daily life.