Easiest Ways To File Your Taxes


Tax season is here and while it’s not everyone’s favorite time of year, it is a necessary evil of life! Luckily, there are great software programs that make filing your taxes as painless as possible.

Here are some great options for tax filing software.


TurboTax is the most popular brand of tax software available. Owned by Intuit, they have been the best-selling tax software for the past 20 years.

What makes TurboTax so great is that it is flexible; filers with simple or complex returns can use it. Its slick and easy-to-use design also makes this software popular with users. It also provides real-time audit detection, accuracy guarantee, free federal and state tax return filling and excellent customer support.


TaxAct is a truly an affordable option for those with simple tax returns. However, its low cost doesn’t mean it sacrifices quality, which is so important when dealing with federal and state taxes.

Some great aspects of TaxAct are that it has free federal and state tax return filing, an accuracy guarantee, real-time alerts for mistakes and a maximum refund guarantee.

H&R Block

While TurboTax may be the best-selling tax software, H&R Block is definitely the most recognizable brand in the tax-return industry. H&R Block is unique in that their software comes with a tax professional that will walk you through every step of the way.

Before, H&R Block was known for its high prices. Now, its prices are almost unrecognizable. Some advantages of using H&R Block are that you get free unlimited tax advice, data security, an accuracy guarantee, free federal filing returns and a maximum refund guarantee.

It also offers state tax returns at affordable prices, which vary from $9.99 to $36.99.

What To Look For In Great Tax Filing Software

Even though the three tax filing software featured above are great, you might want to use another provider. Here are some features your tax filing software should include.

1) Free tax filing

If your combined household income is 100K or less, you shouldn’t pay to file your taxes. Don’t fall for any bait-and-switch strategies by going with a company that claims to offer free tax returns only to make up for those fees with new charges.

2) Accuracy guarantee

Making sure your taxes are accurate is something that every tax filing software should provide. Having mistakes on your tax return could cause big troubles with the IRS, so you don’t want to use a tax filing company that doesn’t guarantee accuracy.

3) Audit-risk identification

Another big thing that you should look for is if your tax software provides audit-risk identification. The IRS uses software to scan tax returns and pick ones to audit. Make sure your tax return software does the same.

The three software programs listed above have something for every filer: the filer with the complicated tax return, the filer with the simple tax return and the filer that also wants face-to-face interaction. Make this tax season a breeze by using tax filing software!