Hottest Halloween Costumes For 2017


Sept. 22 officially kicked off the fall season and for some, that means pumpkin spice lattes, seasonal beers, and sweater weather. But for others, the fall season means something so much more – Halloween. For those folk, they’ve been counting down the hours until the start of the season so that they can search the internet for costume ideas and inspiration.

A plethora of costume ideas can be found floating around on sites like Pinterest, but we’ll be looking at this year’s hottest costumes. Our Halloween costume guide will save you time and guarantee that you’ll look good and grab the attention of onlookers at any party.

Wonder Woman

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Wonder Woman’s outfit made our costume list this year. Gal Gadot brought the classic heroine’s modernized fashion to the big screen back in June, and she really rocked it! You can assemble the outfit yourself using pieces from an old gladiator costume, add in a lasso, shield, and arm cuffs. If you don’t feel like getting super creative, there are a ton of Wonder Woman costumes available at stores like Spirit Halloween and Party City.

Belle from ‘Beauty and the Beast’

We’re here to tell you that Belle is the princess on everyone’s mind, especially since Emma Watson portrayed the brown-eyed beauty in the live adaption in early 2017. If you are looking for a more traditional look, you can don Belle’s blue dress with apron from Target. If you want to wear something a little more revealing, try Pink Queen’s fairytale costume or 3 Wishes beauty outfit, and you’ll be sure to be the belle of the ball.


According to a study conducted by Pinterest and Lyst, the Baywatch reboot during the summer led to a 147 percent increase in related costume ideas on Pinterest. Lyst also found based on data that there was a 240 percent increase on searches globally for red one-piece swimsuits. Spirit Halloween has costumes for men and women on their website. These costumes will have you feeling like Pamela Anderson or Zac Efron for the whole night. You can even go old-school Hoff style.

Firefighter and Police

There has always been something attractive about a man in uniform. Being a firefighter or a police officer is a safe choice for any guy. Target’s police officer costume and Party City’s fireman costume are go-to choices for those who don’t want to show a lot of skin. But NBC’s hit shows Chicago Fire and Chicago PD have stirred up some pretty sexy Halloween costumes over the last few years. You’ll be bound to catch the eye of any woman in the room with Spirit’s firefighter or police officer costume.


Clowns are making an appearance again in pop culture, ranging from Stephen King’s Pennywise in It to Ryan Murphy’s Twisty in American Horror Story. You can dress up as Pennywise from the original in 1990 or as the scary clown from the 2017 remake. Don’t want to be Pennywise? Don’t worry because there are other creepy clowns popular in today’s entertainment industry. Twisty, a murdering clown from American Horror Story, first made his appearance in “Freak Show.” Three seasons later, Twisty resurfaces in season 7, American Horror Story “Cult.” Give Spirit’s Twisty costume a try or buy an authentic looking mask from Trick or Treat Studios on Amazon.


April the giraffe, who resides at the Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, New York, stole the hearts of people on social media. She became famous after the late stages of her pregnancy, as well as the birth of her baby, were live streamed in early 2017. Thanks to April’s popularity, you can walk on the wild side this Halloween as a giraffe with Spirit’s costume.

Handmaid’s Tale

Move over Little Red Riding Hood, a dystopian culture has taken over. It’s said that Emmy-award winning actress Elisabeth Moss was meant to play the oppressed Offred in Netflix’s hit show Handmaid’s Tale. Are you meant to do your own walk of shame this Halloween? You’re bound to see flocks of girls in red cloaks on Oct. 31st. You can easily craft your own by finding a used red cape and bonnet at a thrift store or shop Amazon.

No matter which costume you pick this Halloween, we know you’ll look stellar. Whether you decide to dress up as someone’s worst nightmare or flaunt your sexier side, you and your alter ego can create a spooktacular evening that you won’t forget!