10 Failed Festivals Not Named ‘Fyre’

By now you’ve probably seen one or both of the documentaries dissecting just how Ja Rule’s Fyre Festival tanked so completely. But despite the thousands of people stranded, the millions of dollars lost, and the worst cheese sandwich ever to show up on Twitter, it could have been a lot worse. How much worse? Here are 10 other terrible, horrible, no good, very bad festival fails.

Erie Canal Soda Pop Festival, Indiana 1972

This event featuring The Eagles and Black Sabbath was all set to go in Evanston, Indiana, until the mayor cancelled its venue at the last minute. It was moved to swampland where 200,000 people — four times the expected draw — camped out. Sanitation failed, food ran out, bands cancelled, fans were angry… it culminated in a riot where, of course, someone set fire to the stage. No major injuries were reported — unfortunately, we can’t say that about all the entries on this list.

Bloc Festival, London 2012

What should have been an incredible night on a boat in London turned bad quickly when opening night suffered from overcrowding, bad sound quality, and worst of all, beer bars that ran dry. Snoop Dogg failed to show for his midnight set, and concertgoers were stranded dockside until the wee hours of the morning when the organizers announced the entire event cancelled. There were no injuries reported, which is the one good thing about the event — and which organizers were quick to take credit for.