10 Most Iconic Scoundrels In Movie History

From rascals to rogues, scamps to scruffy-looking nerf herders, the scoundrel is one of the most beloved characters in film. We count down the 10 best and most iconic scoundrels in film.

10. Bilbo Baggins

Though much of Bilbo’s screen time in the The Lord Of The Rings saga shows him as a ring-addicted old man (“eleventy-one” years old, to be exact), Bilbo was indeed a scoundrel in his early days in The Hobbit trilogy.

While not exactly the debonair type we’ll see on the rest of the list, an essential part of scoundrel-dom is trickery and cleverness. Bilbo had both in spades. He managed to outsmart both Smaug and Smeagol, while stealing the most powerful object in the universe.

And that doesn’t even dig into his ability to lay down some sass. Though initially a bit timid, Bilbo was a fine Middle-Earthian scoundrel by the end of the series. In his own words, “I may be a burglar but I’d like to think I’m an honest one.”