11 Star Wars Cosplays That Went Above And Beyond

Star Wars fans love to dress up as their favorite characters, but cosplay is not just about accurately recreating costumes.

The best cosplayers bring a level of creativity and wit to their creations, in addition to stunning craftsmanship. These cosplayers take their craft seriously and their love of Star Wars to whole new levels.

Here are 11 Star Wars cosplays that went above and beyond.

1. Disney meets Star Wars

Now that Star Wars is officially owned by the House of Mouse, there’s sure to be crossovers of all sorts. But it’s one thing to mash up X and Y, and another thing to blow us away.

In this stunning photoshoot, photographer York In A Box brings the magic with all the different ways you can “imagineer” one single character: Boba Fett.

There’s Ariel Fett, Elsa Fett, Tinker Fett and more among almost a dozen Disney renditions of everyone’s favorite bounty hunter. See if you can identify them all!