12 Worst TV Series Finales Of All Time

Ah, the TV series finale. Devoted fans spend years watching their favorite TV shows wondering “How will it all end?” Unfortunately, not every great show can stick the landing.

Here are the 12 worst series finales in TV history.

1. Roseanne

With the highly-anticipated return of ’90s TV juggernaut Roseanne on March 27, let us never forget that the original run gave us one of the most reviled series finales in the history of television.

The show portrayed a “typical” working class American family for years, but the final season introduced a new twist: they won the lottery! Look at all the neat stuff they can have and do!

But it all came to a stop on the series’ last episode, where it was revealed that none of it had really happened: they never won the lottery, family patriach Dan had really died of a heart attack, daughters Becky and Darlene had been dating each other’s boyfriends the whole time, and the entire series had been a story the character Roseanne had written where she changed aspects of her family’s life. The bizarre finale undid years of investment viewers had put into the characters’ lives, leaving fans bewildered and angry.

2. How I Met Your Mother

Diehard fans and casual viewers alike hated this one. After waiting nine seasons to see who the mother would turn out to be, it turned out to be someone whose only purpose was to have the kids to tell the story to, so that Ted could be united with the real love of his life, Robin… who had last been seen marrying his best friend. The writers may never be forgiven for this one.