6 Obscure Holidays We Don’t Celebrate Anymore

For some reason or another, holidays which are supposed to be traditional sometimes stop being celebrated. Holidays can be religious or secular, serious or frivolous. But the best holidays are the ones you can enjoy with your friends and family. Here are some that are no longer widely celebrated, having been either combined with other nearby holidays or just abandoned altogether:

Old Maid’s Day

This started as sort of a joke. In 1950, a woman named Dorothy Babb complained that she only got presents on Christmas, whereas her married friends got wedding, baby shower, and anniversary gifts throughout the year. So August 15 was designated Old Maid’s Day to recognize those women who were not, or did not want to be, married. Other names for the day were considered, like “glamor girls” or “career girls,” but Babb insisted that she wanted to be called an “old maid,” so that’s the name it got. It started in Denton, Texas but the holiday never really caught on elsewhere and fell by the wayside in the 1960s. Today, you can still find Old Maid’s Day on joke calendars, though it has been moved to June 4 for unknown reasons.