8 Shocking Videos Of The Worst Basketball Injuries Ever

1. Gordon Hayward

It was the first 7 minutes of the first game of the season. All-Star Gordon Hayward had just signed with the Boston Celtics, who were poised to finally duke it out with the team that had knocked them out of the playoffs the year before, the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Superstar Kyrie Irving had switched sides in a league-shattering trade between the Cavs and Celts. It was the type of storyline that makes basketball what it is.

And then it happened: Hayward, seeking to complete an alley oop, landed on his leg the wrong way. The leg snapped, and with it went the Celtics’ title chances. Players and fans alike were disturbed. Like something from a horror movie, Hayward’s leg was facing the wrong direction, all on national TV.