8 Surefire Ways To Sabotage Your New Year’s Resolutions (And How To Avoid Them)

It happens every year: January rolls around; we wake from our end-of-year-induced food coma and vow to become a whole new person just like that. Okay, that’s an exaggeration, but there are entire industries that survive on people jumping on the self-improvement bandwagon every New Year’s Day. While resolutions can be positive and affirming, you can end up doing yourself even more damage by locking yourself into a perpetual motion engine of failure. Here are the most common ways people sabotage their New Year’s resolutions, and how to avoid them.

Trying to “fix” everything at once

A great way to put yourself right into the dumpster in the second week of January? Change everything about yourself you hate all at the same time. While it’s tempting to think it would be easier to do a clean slate approach, there’s one big flaw in this theory: if you slip in one part of your big change, it’s more likely that the others will fall right along with it. Pick the most important ones — to you — and focus on those. You can always add more to your to-do list later.

Keeping it a secret

Nothing quite says late January like telling all your friends and family about your lofty resolution goals, then having a setback, and then having to face their questions and disappointment. So, it’s tempting to try and keep it all to yourself until you’ve made progress. But by doing that you’re sabotaging yourself — by removing a valuable asset, a support system. Sharing ups and downs of your progress with others doing the same thing can be very encouraging.