U.S. States With The 10 Shortest & Longest Life Expectancies

When considering where to live, we often look at issues such as weather, cost of living and population levels. But one thing you might not think about is the longevity of people in each state and how it might impact your own future.

Life expectancy can vary greatly from state to state, and while improvements in modern medicine have led to longer lives in general, recent data from the Global Burden of Disease Study seems to indicate that where you live might also have an effect on how long you live.

The study considered issues such as accessibility to health care, obesity, smoking and opioid drug use in compiling their data, as well as death probabilities based on age.

Gulf coast states tended to have higher mortality rates, especially among younger people, while states where there are more health-care programs seem to mean longer lives for their residents.

Here are the states with the 10 shortest and 10 longest life expectancies: