What Your Handbag Says About You

Let’s face it, even if you insist you’re not a bag whore, you are. You know you are. You can’t help passing by your favorite boutique without sneaking a peek at what sack-du-jour will catch your eye. Is it a swimmingly large leather tote? A convenient, hands-free backpack? A minaudière? Clutch? Satchel? The choices are endless. But what does your handbag of choice really say about you? Read on—you might be surprised.

Handbag: by this I mean a true Grace Kelly-type bag. Structured with a short-curved handle that you can carry by hand or nestle in the crook of your arm. You’re a proper woman—or at least that’s what you want people to think. Remember, this is what Queen Elizabeth carries. It’s big enough for a pack of Kleenex, your phone, sunglasses and a wallet. No bottles of Evian are going to fit in this structured beauty. You’re a no-nonsense, no-frills kind of gal who carries only the essentials.

Backpack: chances are, your guy has asked you more than once to carry whatever he doesn’t want to carry or you’ve dropped way too many $6 soy lattes while trying to juggle your purse, briefcase and phone. Backpacks are for practical, independent types who like to be hands-ready always. Want to pick a rose from the garden? Easy. Need to help your elderly neighbor across the street? No problem. This “handbag” renders you hands-free while offering lots of storage space to make your life more convenient.

Tote bag: This is form meets function at its best. Tote bags are more tailored, more “professional” looking than backpacks and are the woman’s version of a guy’s messenger bag. When people see you carrying a tote bag on your shoulder, they know you mean business. You could have a package of Oreo cookies and a scented candle tucked inside for all they know. All people see is that you’re professional and organized.