10 Signs Your Man Wants To Marry You


10 Signs Your Man Wants To Marry You | Life 360 Tips

It’s one of the great paradoxes in life that men are pretty easy to read except in the one matter when you really could use a hint — when he decides he wants to marry you. Fortunately there are some clear signs there’s an engagement ring in your future if you know where to look and what to look for. Here are 10 hints that could mean your boyfriend is ready to pop the question and ask you to marry him.

You start hanging out with married couples

One thing guys don’t like is being around married couples without a wife of their own. So if you’re his other half for couples-related outings, especially with his married friends, that’s a good sign he’s going to propose soon.

He wants his family to get to know you better

One of the best signs that he’s looking to strengthen his relationship with you is that he invites you to his family gatherings. Birthdays, weddings, or family picnics — it doesn’t matter. If he wants his family to get to know you like he knows you, that’s a pretty good sign to you (and to them) that you’ll be walking down the aisle together soon.

You become his physical focus | Life 360 Tips

You become his physical focus

After the initial first few weeks of dating, there’s usually a drop off of attention as you become more familiar with each other. But when a guy decides he’s found the one he wants to be with forever, he reverts to the touchy-feely beginning of the courtship. So if you notice that he’s suddenly touching you more, both in public and in private, that’s a good sign that he’s very comfortable with your intimacy level and might be ready for a big commitment.

His conversations about work go deeper

When a guy talks about work outside of work, generally he just needs a sounding board for problems that he cannot talk to coworkers about. But when he starts telling you about his career goals and aspirations, about his good days along with his bad days, and especially things that may affect his off hours with you — change of position or different work schedule — then that’s a good sign you’re part of his equation.

You become his physical focus | Life 360 Tips

He shares his space

Whether that means moving in together or just having keys to each others’ apartments, this is a good sign that he’s looking to consolidate your relationship further. Trusting you with his personal space and belongings is a major step. Consider that not even his friends have that level of trust. And how you respect his things and his space is definitely going to be a factor on if he wants to make that a permanent part of your relationship.

He makes other commitments with you

It’s not just sharing an apartment that is a good sign. There are other things he could want to share with you that show he’s settling down. Does he want you to get a pet together? Pets are surrogate children in more ways than one. Another sign is that you do a major project together, like planting a garden or refinishing some furniture. Do you volunteer together somewhere? These are things committed couples do, so if you’re starting to do them, there’s your sign.

He becomes more protective of you | Life 360 Tips

He becomes more protective of you

Men see themselves as the protective side of the relationship, whether physically, financially, or intellectually. So when that protective side starts appearing more frequently — protective but not obstructive — then that means he’s putting his efforts into his perceived role with the expectation of it becoming a permanent one. A great sign is if you have an argument with one of his friends or relatives, and he takes your side.

His time is your time

People do need “me-time” and that even includes from one’s significant other, but if he is spending more time with you that he would normally be spending elsewhere, you’re becoming part of his schedule. He’s literally making time for you. If he enjoys your company so much that he will forgo other events in your favor, that’s an excellent sign that he wants to marry you.

He only has eyes for you | Life 360 Tips

He only has eyes for you

It’s not just a song; it’s a truth. He won’t be looking at other women when he’s with you, and he won’t be making you feel like you should be in competition with anyone else, from hypothetical rivals to his exes. You don’t need to feel like you’re fighting for him because he already makes you feel like you won and those others don’t matter a bit.

The obvious signs

These are no-brainers but it’s surprising how many people miss these subtle clues like: talking about how many kids they want; asking what your ring size is; wondering, hypothetically, what you would think of destination weddings or elopement; or asking your neighbors about schools in the area. If you’re starting to hear these clues, you might be literally the last to know what he’s got up his sleeve (hint: it’s probably a ring box).