4 Ways To Get Closer To Your Partner


Romantic relationships are seemingly all about joy, love and happiness when they are in the initial honeymoon stages. When jobs, kids, and the everyday tasks of life inevitably take over, though, they can lose those first sparks that brought people together in the first place.

Anything great is worth working hard for, and solid relationships that stand the test of time are no different.  Try these four ideas to either reignite the intimacy you once shared with your partner, or to strengthen your foundation.

Try Out New Activities Together

You likely already have a few things you like doing together. Maybe you have Friday night Netflix-binge sessions or you visit the restaurant where you met the first Sunday of every month. While traditions can be wonderful, they can also lead to ruts and boredom. It’s important to explore new things with your love. Whether you’re trying out the hottest restaurant in the city or you’re learning kung-fu together, the novelty will keep things interesting (and give you plenty to talk about).

Create Rituals

The flip side of trying something new together is falling back on rituals that seem as comfortable as your favorite pair of slippers. Rituals can be related to the holidays (going to see the lighting of the Christmas tree in the park every November, for example), your anniversary, or just a rainy day. These can become comforts in times of turmoil and remind you of all the years you’ve spent together. When you have a special ritual with your significant other that you do with no one else, you create a sacred space just for the two of you.

Take Time for Yourself—and Give Time to Your Partner

Yes, you need time for yourself to feel closer to your partner. Constant togetherness, which seemed cool in the beginning, can easily lead to one or both of you feeling smothered. You need your own hobbies, friends, and time to do whatever you like and your partner needs that as well. Make sure you talk about how much time you think is healthy to spend alone and always come back together after time apart to chat about what you experienced. Continually redefining who you are as a person keeps you lively and fulfilled and is vital for staying interesting to your partner.

Establish Electronics-Free Zones

There’s nothing worse than wanting to connect with your partner and realizing they are completely distracted by their cell phone or laptop. In today’s ultra-connected world, it’s crucial to have electronics-free zones where the two of you can interact without competing with an iPhone for attention. You can establish dinner time as one of these zones or take a walk together every morning while the phones stay at home. This is also an important habit to model to your children.

The relationship you have with your significant other should deepen and become more intimate over time. However, it doesn’t happen on its own. And intimacy changes during the course of a healthy relationship. What you did to feel close to your partner in the first year will look different 20 years down the road. This is OK and normal. You only need to make conscious decisions to take the time and put in the effort to strengthen your bond over time. Try the above four tips to increase the support and trust you have for each other and feel closer than ever!