6 Foolproof Ways To Win At Online Dating


Realize why online dating is good.

Realize why online dating is good.

Is your love life in need of a pick-me-up? Let online dating be your digital matchmaker! In the modern dating world, online dating is an easy and fast way to meet other single people. Shamelessly, anyone can help themselves to romance in our age of technology. If your circumstances don’t allow you to get out there and socialize as much as you’d like, then online dating might be the perfect match for you. You can get yourself out there to people you might not otherwise encounter in your daily life. However, it takes more than an Internet connection to succeed in online dating. You’ll also need plenty of determination, honesty, communication, and a great online profile.Pictures, please!

Pictures, please!

Online dating success starts with pictures. For the best results, you’ll need pictures that are not only flattering, but accurate. Online daters tend to assume you’re as attractive as your least attractive picture. Include a current picture of what you look like on an everyday basis without any angles or filters. If you like dressing up and wearing makeup, feel free to include pictures of yourself in that style. Make sure your pictures are recent, clear, and attractive. Along with your picture, always include a recent full-body picture—one that’s current. There’s nothing that makes a date more awkward than not recognizing the person you came to see. It’s even more of an awkward date if your date isn’t attracted to the most recent version of yourself.Show and tell.

Show and tell.

Your online dating profile is meant to give interested people a glimpse into your life. Let your pictures tell a thousand words so you don’t have to do it in person. Also, be honest about your height, weight, and any other stats you feel comfortable including. Don’t just tell people about who you are – show them! Sure, you can tell other users about your hobbies and interests, but your pictures are what most users are looking at. Feature pictures of yourself in action. For instance, if you like to read and write, take a selfie of yourself reading a book or writing a journal entry. That way, other users can not only read about you, but see for themselves what you’re all about.Describe your vibe.

Describe your vibe.

Tell users what you’re most likely to be doing on a Saturday night (or whatever nights you’re free, for that matter). For instance, if you like to go out for drinks when you’re free, say something like, “On a typical Saturday night, you can find me at a restaurant or at home binge-watching Netflix.” If you have a good sense of humor and appreciate laughter, say, “I’m usually the one who makes people laugh… in a good way!” If you have a relationship goal like a long-term relationship, feel free to state that’s what you’re looking for. If you do, do yourself a favor and don’t take it personally if people with “other things in mind” still contact you.Stay positive.

Stay positive.

Online dating can be frustrating, especially when you know users are browsing through lots of profiles. You want your online dating profile to stand out in good ways, not negative ones. Sure, you might want to mention in your profile that you “don’t like drama,” but what good does that serve? It’s widely known that most people don’t like drama. It’s not widely known that you hate your ex for x reasons, so there’s no need to broadcast it. There’s no need to air out your dirty laundry on your dating profile of all places. Plus, doing so makes you look less attractive.

Be responsive.

Be responsive.

While browsing profiles, be sure to put in the effort to actually read each online dating profile. Most of the time, pictures won’t tell the whole story! When sending out messages, say things and ask questions that make it clear you’ve read their profile. For instance, if someone mentions they like music, ask what kinds of music they like or what bands they’re into. Also, be sure to look at the profiles of active users – a dead profile accomplishes nothing!