9 Unconventional Valentine’s Day Dates That Win Hearts


Valentine’s Day for many couples (and singles) can be one of the most stressful holidays of the year. It’s filled with expectations – with hopes of romance, gifts and even proposals. Add to that the whole cost of flowers, candy, romantic dinners and you’ve got a recipe for potential disaster.

Why not mix things up and create your own new traditions for Valentine’s Day and night? Here are nine unconventional Valentine’s dates that are sure to impress your love and win their heart (and some fun ways to spend Valentine’s Day with your friends if you’re single).

1. Re-enact your very first date

Did you go to dinner and a movie? Book a table at the restaurant where you had dinner. If that’s not possible, make your date an at-home version! Cook the meal you had on that date and rent the movie that you saw.

2. Go camping in your own backyard

Set up a tent, sleeping bags and a Hibachi so you can makes s’mores.

3. Do a round-robin

Stop at one restaurant for appetizers, then another for the entrée, and finally, one for dessert. The restaurants don’t have to be fancy or expensive. If everything in town is booked, check out local indie restaurants or those off the beaten path that couples might not think of feasting at on a romantic evening. They’ll be less crowded and you might get to try new dishes you’ve never tasted before.

4. Go to a comedy club

Check out the comedic roster, or if there’s an open mic, take advantage of it to express your love for your love.

Galentine’s Day celebration on NBC’s “Parks and Recreation”

5. If you’re not in a relationship, go drinking with your friends

Invite all your single friends for a night out, then take Ubers home. Valentine’s Day doesn’t always have to be about romantic love. You can celebrate the love you have for your friends, too. Gal pals can make it a Galentine’s Day celebration.

6. Check out new places in your city or town

How about stopping at that art museum you pass every day on the way to work? Or booking a class in pottery or cooking? Or just stopping at the dog park to watch humans and their furry friends. It’s all about exploration and being a kid again.

7. Visit a foot massage spa

Many times, spas that advertise foot massages offer full body sports-type/deep tissue massages for not a lot of money; some can be 60% or 70% less for an hour-long massage than you’d pay at a fancy spa.

8. Go to a karaoke bar

It’s a great way to step out of your comfort zone and sing to your heart’s content, even if you’re tone-deaf.

9. Celebrate Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year usually falls around Valentine’s Day (Chinese New Year in 2018 falls on February 16) and runs for about two weeks. Festivals, food, and fireworks are all part of the celebration.

Remember that Valentine’s Day can be an extremely sad, depressing time for those who aren’t in a relationship. If you’re surrounded by single co-workers, maybe ask your husband to send the flowers and balloons to your house or use the money instead for one of the date activities listed above.

Better yet, have an anti-Valentine’s Day party at your house after work and invite your single friends. Make it a potluck so you don’t have to cook. Love is love.