How To Identify A Gold Digger


Well, well, well. You’ve met a gal who seems to be the woman of your dreams. She’s beautiful, fun and all your friends seem to like her. It’s even possible you think she’s “the one” and marriage could be on your mind.

But wait, how can you be sure it’s true love and not something more sinister? We’re not talking injury or stalking, we’re talking money. As in gold-digging.

Here are the 10 telltale signs of a gold digger. If your girlfriend displays these characteristics, do not walk – run from the relationship!

1. She only dates rich guys

When you ask about her former flames, they all sound rich. When you Google them (because you know you will), you find out they are rich. Be particularly wary if they’re not only rich but also much, much older than her. If her relationships are exclusively May-December then that’s a sign she’s only looking for someone to take care of her.

2. She grills you on your salary

She dogs you about your job and salary even before you start talking about dating exclusively. Be especially wary if she did this on the first date! If she only agreed to continue dating you after she found out how much money you made, that’s a definite warning sign.

3. Her employment history is sketchy at best

If she can’t seem to hold down a full-time job, chances are she’s after you for your money. How can someone who can’t take care of herself take care of you?

4. She’s materialistic

She’s obsessed with all the high-end designers: Hermes and Chanel for handbags, Louboutin and Blahnik for shoes, Cartier and Tiffany for jewelry. You get the idea.

5. She’s ungrateful

She does not show proper gratitude for the gifts you give her. If they go missing, chances are, the gold digger has returned them for the cash.

6. She hounds you for money

She’s always short on cash but doesn’t want to work. Along with this comes the habit of her whining about not having any money. And God forbid you ask, “Why don’t you get a job?” A gold digger has a long list of reasons why she can’t work.

7. Intimacy comes at a price

If you find that intimacy only happens when you’ve bought Lady Gold Digger something nice, your relationship is not based on love. If you don’t get that hint, watch out. She’ll soon start feigning a headache and whining for new Chanel sunglasses.

8. She wants you to share your private financial information

Ms. Wrong asks for your bank account numbers, passwords and security questions. Really, this information should only be shared once you get married. Unless a strong commitment has been made, this situation is already earmarked for trouble.

9. She’s not interested in your day

She doesn’t want to hear how your day was, but she’s all ears when you mention you’re up for a promotion. Don’t mistake that interest as an “atta boy” pat on the back of support. She wants to know how much you’ll be making in that new job and she’s already got plans for it.

10. She wants to get married way too fast

She presses you to get married, but only if you’ve already passed the “I’m a sucker” test of giving her everything she wants, regardless of whether you can afford it or not. Remember, in many states, couples who divorce split their income and property 50/50. Let that sink in.

It’s never fun to discover that the person you thought was your better half was actually just interested in your money, but it’s better to find this out before you get married. Literally cut your losses and find someone who loves you for you.