Easy Ways To Increase Your Home’s Value

Whether you’re considering selling your home in the short term or you just want to enhance its value for your own enjoyment, there are many ways to add to the value of your home. Some can be quite expensive, but others can be done with limited funds as long as you’ve got the time and talent.

Curb Appeal

The inside of your house might be stunning, but if your yard and grounds are looking a bit shabby, potential buyers will drive right past your house. Worse yet, coming home every day to a “meh” exterior is depressing.  Fixing up the grounds is a relatively inexpensive way to add value to your home for resale and it’s a great morale boost for you as well.

Trees and Shrubs

Do you have overgrown shrubbery in your front yard? Trim and shape it so it looks groomed and maintained. If it is completely obscuring the front of your house, you might want to dig it out and replace it with some low ground cover. Not only will this give your house an instant face lift, but it will also remove a potential hiding place for burglars as well as critters.

Flower Gardens

Every spring, home improvement stores are packed to the gills with homeowners buying pretty flowers to plant around the front of their homes. By summer, however, many of those same homeowners have forgotten all about the maintenance of their gardens.  Leggy, rangy flowers start to spill over into the lawn and look scraggly. Weeds run rampant, and what started out as a pretty landscape is now a hot mess. It costs exactly zero dollars to get out there and pull up those weeds, cut back the overgrown plants, snip off the spent flowers to allow for new blooms and generally clean things up.