Everything You Need To Know For Tax Day

Tax Day is quickly approaching, but there’s no need to worry if you haven’t filed yet. It’s a relatively easy process, especially when you have all of your information and documents readily accessible. Review the following important points to know for Tax Day so you can make the deadline before it’s too late.

We’ll discuss the following:

  • This Year’s Deadline
  • Taxable Vs. Non-Taxable Income
  • Who Counts As A Dependent
  • Determining Tax Deductions And Credits
  • Tax Penalties For Being Without Health Insurance
  • What Happens If You File Your Taxes Late
  • How To Get A Tax Filing Extension
  • How To File A Tax Amendment
  • Consequences For Not Filing Taxes
  • How To Arrange A Payment Plan For Taxes Owed
  • How To File Your Taxes Quickly