5 Ways To Learn To Love Your Empty Nest

Going from a full house to an empty nest can be a shock for some parents. We put so much focus on getting our kids to the point of being “grown and flown” that when the day actually comes, we aren’t quite sure what to do with ourselves. But this can be a great new chapter of life, a time of self-discovery, adventure and positive changes. With the kids off spreading their wings in their new lives, there’s no reason you can’t spread your own wings as well.

Date Your Spouse

Life with kids is hectic at best, and it’s easy for spouses to get caught up in the day-to-day chaos that is carpooling, school sports or crying babies. Now’s the time to take a breath and rediscover that person you fell in love with. Whether it’s just making time to go out to dinner together on occasion or taking up a new hobby as a couple, this is a wonderful opportunity to rediscover the romance that brought you together in the first place.