Best Christmas Movies To Watch With Your Family

There’s so much to watch on TV during the holidays it can be hard to choose, but there are some that have become traditions in themselves. Here are some of the best available. Most can be streamed on Amazon, either free with a Prime membership or for a minimal rental fee, if they’re not going to be broadcast twenty times between now and January. Sit back and relax and enjoy the show, they truly are for all ages.

How The Grinch Stole Christmas (animated) (1966)

Yes, there’s a live-action version, and yes, there’s a new computer-animated Grinch movie, but the 1966 classic is the one to snuggle up to and watch with the family. With a story by Dr. Seuss, animation by Chuck Jones, narration by Boris Karloff, and songs performed by legendary singer Paul Robson – every Who down in Whoville knows that this is a superstar lineup. And at only half an hour, it’s the perfect length for smaller viewers.