What It’s Really Like To Have A Newborn

There is no better feeling in the world than hearing your baby’s first cry after being born. While you are holding your newborn for the first time, there will be a rush of emotions and probably some tears. Congratulations, you are now a new parent.

You spent nine months preparing for your little one’s arrival and now here they are. Maybe you took parenting classes or went to Lamaze, and you have their nursery all set up and ready to be used. Clothes have been washed and are neatly put away, and car seats have been installed. You and your significant other did everything possible to prepare.

But, what’s it really like to have a newborn?

The Hospital Stay

The days following birth often leave new mothers and fathers in a haze. While in the hospital, you may think that you will have free time to catch up on your favorite television show, or snuggle up with your newborn and read a good book.

The reality, though? The days that follow a birth at the hospital are exhausting. Nurses come in every few hours to check your vitals, as well as the baby’s, and they will press on your stomach to check on the uterus. They do this to check and see if the uterus is shrinking back to its normal size. They will check for vaginal bleeding and look for clots. If you had a c-section, your OBGYN will stop by at some point to examine your incision. If you had a vaginal delivery, doctors may examine your stitches afterward depending on the severity of your tear.