How To Become A Better Prepared Parent

How many times have you seen a new mom or dad struggling with the contents of their baby’s diaper bag, only to have the contents spill out or cause stress because it’s so full they can’t find what they need? And throughout all of this, the baby does nothing but fret, cry or scream. It’s enough to drive someone mad. To avoid crazy moments like this, here are the basic essentials for any diaper bag.

An actual diaper bag: Let’s start with the maybe not so obvious. It may be tempting to save by using a large tote or existing bag versus investing in a proper diaper one; however, the comfort, durability, overall size, and convenience will be well worth the extra money for a good diaper bag considering you’ll be hauling a lot in this on a daily basis.

Diapers, changing pads and rash cream: A good rule of thumb is to pack one diaper for each hour you plan to be away from home. Plus five. You never know when accidents will happen. Changing pads don’t have to be fancy, even a soft cloth remnant that’s big enough to protect your baby from contact with foreign surfaces is sufficient. A trial-size tube of diaper rash cream is useful for those emergency rash flare-ups.

Wipes and hand sanitizer: Buy the smallest hard shell case of wipes you can find, then refill it with bulk wipes from the big box store. The same with non-alcohol hand sanitizer. Buy a smaller size bottle and refill it from a larger bulk-size version.