Why I’m A “Woke” Mom Who Vaccinates

My generation (millennial) may go down as the generation of mediocre trophy winners, but we certainly will not go down as the most spoon-fed generation. We ask questions. Lots of them. And why wouldn’t we? With the onset of the internet in our youth, we are the generation with more access to almost anything, who can speedily search for the answers to any questions we may have.

In essence, we are not the generation who believes everything we’ve been told. Because of this, when word started spreading through the masses on social media that vaccinations were being linked to the phenomenal number of new autism cases — many of us had questions.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), at least 5% of U.S. children under age five are not vaccinated for various reasons. After reading plenty of peer-reviewed reports and coming to my own decision, I swore I would not vaccinate my kids when I decided to have children. And then, when the two little telltale lines showed up on my radar, I knew I’d eventually have to put this decision to the test.