10 Signs Your Pet Obsession Has Gone Too Far

Sure, it starts out innocently enough with an occasional picture posted on social media, then the next thing you know, you’ve developed a full-blown obsession with that furry little creature that stole your heart… and your couch. We all love our pets, but if you relate to more than a couple of these behaviors, you may have crossed from love to obsession with your little buddy.

1. Your camera roll only has pictures of your pet

While other people have pictures of fancy meals or vacations, you’d be hard-pressed to find a picture that isn’t of adorable little Fido. You’ve got selfies you’ve posed for with your little guy, pics of him sleeping, playing, sleeping, dressed up in hats, sleeping and just, well, existing.

2. Your social media profile picture is not you but your pet

When you send someone a friend request, do they message you back asking “Who are you?” because the only pictures they can see are your pet? It might be time to change your profile picture back to one of yourself… and Snowball.