10 Signs Your Pet Obsession Has Gone Too Far


Sure, it starts out innocently enough with an occasional picture posted on social media, then the next thing you know, you’ve developed a full-blown obsession with that furry little creature that stole your heart… and your couch. We all love our pets, but if you relate to more than a couple of these behaviors, you may have crossed from love to obsession with your little buddy.

1. Your camera roll only has pictures of your pet

While other people have pictures of fancy meals or vacations, you’d be hard-pressed to find a picture that isn’t of adorable little Fido. You’ve got selfies you’ve posed for with your little guy, pics of him sleeping, playing, sleeping, dressed up in hats, sleeping and just, well, existing.

2. Your social media profile picture is not you but your pet

When you send someone a friend request, do they message you back asking “Who are you?” because the only pictures they can see are your pet? It might be time to change your profile picture back to one of yourself… and Snowball.

3. You’ve created a social media account just for your pet

While your social media profile could possibly be mistaken for Scruffy’s, chances are he’s got one of his own as well. And you post for him too because you just know everyone is eager to read about your dog’s perspective on his latest trip to the park. They are. Right?

4. You’ve given your pet weird nicknames

Everyone gives nicknames to their pets like cutie-pie or sweetie, but you’ve gone all out with the cutesy names. Non-animal people just don’t get it and give you strange looks when you talk about Princess SnugglyPoo Kitten Face.

5. Your pet has their own wardrobe

Your pet’s fur is the most beautiful thing in the world, but sometimes you just want to dress them in that cute sailor hat or tiara. Yes, you’ve spent way too much money, and now Scruffy has an entire drawer full of bow ties and Halloween costumes, but who cares because he’s just so freakin’ adorable in those little clothes.

6. You’ve skipped vacations for your pet

You’ve actually avoided going on vacation because you can’t bear to leave your furball behind and you can’t take her with you. That sad look on her face when you pull out the suitcase makes you want to cancel the entire trip.

7. You take your pet everywhere

Your friends know you don’t show up anywhere that isn’t pet-friendly. You take her to outdoor cafes and the park, but you’ve been known to bring her to work, parties and errands. She’s such a good girl – why should she have to stay home?

8. You instantly dislike someone who doesn’t like your pet

You and your pet are a team. Your pet is the best thing in the world and if somebody disagrees, then they’re out. What’s worse than when someone comes over and they ask you to put your fuzzy baby in the bedroom, or worse, outside? No way. Not gonna happen.

9. Your pet rules the house

Your fur baby is the boss and she has you wrapped around her paw. You sleep in awkward positions to avoid waking her up at night. You try to get comfy on the little chair because she’s hogging the couch. You accommodate her schedule, not the other way around. And you wouldn’t have it any other way.

10. You treat your pet like family

If you’re obsessed with your pet, you know they’re more than just a pet. They’re part of the family. You celebrate their birthday and get them gifts for the holidays. You consider them when making life decisions. But in the end, you wouldn’t change a thing because you know life wouldn’t be the same without them.