10 Viral Videos Where Animals Show Human Emotions


Pet lovers will swear that their pets feel human emotions, while naysayers argue that humans are the only creatures to feel emotion. But modern day scientific research has evidence that animals feel a vast range of emotions, including joy, compassion, resentment, shame, fear, embarrassment, jealousy, grief, anger and more.

Here are 10 of the best viral videos where animals and pets displayed human emotions.

1. Christian the lion and his owners John Rendall and Anthony ‘Ace’ Bourke were reunited after years apart. The pair owned him as a cub before giving him to George Adamson, known as the “lion man” in Kenya where he lived the rest of his life. The reunion was amazing.

2. Koko the gorilla (pictured above), the famous silverback with a penchant for sign language and kittens, met the late Robin Williams a decade before he died and even mourned his death.

3. A hedgehog shows pure joy when he gets a massage.

“Hachiko” was made into a 2009 film

4. Paul the cow enjoys a massage at a farm animal sanctuary.

5. Cats reuniting with their humans. See? Cats aren’t cold or unfeeling. They’re just independent.

6. Jealous cockatiels Beans and Beeps: Beans apparently resents it when Beeps gets any attention.

7. Hachiko, the true story of a loyal dog who kept waiting for his human dad at the train station after he died. It was such a touching story that not only was a statue erected at the train station in memory of Hachi and his devotion, but two movies were made (the latest starring Richard Gere) of the heartwarming (and heartbreaking) tale.

8. Max the cockatoo objects to going to the vet. He even seems to have invented his own “I’m mad” language that some may think is cute, but when you see his physical reactions to being told he’s on the way to the vet, you’d better watch out!

9. Parrots showing their human mom they missed her and they love her.

10. Denver the dog showing shame after he’s caught eating kitty snacks.

There have been countless videos of dogs, cats, monkeys, elephants and other animals both domestic and wild, mourning the loss of a member of their packs. Many have been filmed trying to rescue their friends that have been killed in car accidents even to the point of risking their own lives.

New mother cows have been caught on film crying as their calves are taken from them; and very recently, a viral video has circulated around the world of a doomed pig about to be slaughtered, only to have its friend burst out of a pen and startle the farmers so it can wriggle free. Animals have been shown to alert their humans of impending strokes, cancer, epileptic seizures, and other medical emergencies.

Regardless of which side you find yourself on, these examples are pretty thought-provoking in proving that pets are more than just furry, feathery or scaly creatures we have to keep us company. They’re truly family members and we need to treat them with love and respect.