10 Ways To Make Your Pet Happier


Every pet owner should be concerned with how to make their pet happier. It takes a lot of work, but making sure your pet has mental health and emotional security that matches its physical wellbeing is vital. We’ve thrown together a list of quick ways to make your pet happier so you know you’re the absolute best pet parent you can be.

1. Plan Playtime

Unless your pet has a health condition that prohibits it, playtime is always a good idea for your pet. It increases mental and physical stimulation, promotes exercise and furthers the bond between you and your pet. Make it a daily fixture so you both have something to look forward to.

2. Socialize

Not all pets get along with other pets, of course, but it’s worth trying to give your pet some time to socialize with something other than people. Dog parks, planned hangouts and playdates will provide structure and socialization.

If you have a cat, adding another cat to the household can give him someone to play with and keep him from getting lonely when you’re out of the house.

3. Hit The Road

Wouldn’t you get cranky and bored if you never went on a vacation? For those with dogs, taking your pet on the road is great because it offers them new stimuli. So, bring Fido in the car with you every once and a while – just never leave him alone in the car, even with the windows open, to avoid the risk of overheating.

4. Switch Out Toys

Yes, most pets develop a special adoration of a particular toy, but it’s important to keep a few in rotation because newness is good for most pets. We’re not advocating spending all of your excess dough on fancy dog or cat toys. Just keep a usual roster and switch them out here and there.

5. Go On More Walks

Think cats can’t go on walks? Think again.

If you own a dog you should probably be walking it more than you are now. Even if you have a dog that’s a couch potato, it will get a lot of mental calm from more exercise. Just another thing man and animals have in common.

6. Get Strict

It seems counterintuitive, but many pets crave strictness and order. By training your pet more and more, you instill a sense of trust in its owner and a sense of mental order within the animal.

7. Keep It Fit

Chubby animals are cute, but they’re secretly unhappy. Because animals lack the self control that (some) humans possess, it’s important to instill a good diet that keeps your pet lean and athletic.

8. Be Consistent

Yes, life gets in the way. You have to stay late at work or you want to spend the weekend away. But your responsibility for your animal takes no vacation, so it’s important to feed your pet at the same time every day, to be home at consistent hours, and to take it for walks or play with it around the same time everyday.

9. Grooming Is Key

Your nostrils will thank you, but giving your animal consistent grooming is vital to its happiness and health. Clean those teeth, trim those nails, wash or comb that fur. It creates further bonding between you and your pet and keeps a sense of freshness.

10. Positive Talk

Tell your pet you love it, tell it it’s a good pup or kitty and shower it with affection.

You are your pet’s alpha and omega, and it loves to know how much it means to you. Even if the words themselves aren’t getting through, the affection will.